largest Russian animation festival
October - December, 2023
мультфильмов со всего мира
cartoons from all over the world
BFM Studio presents a new project - BFM. New Animation is the largest animation show in Russia. The most interesting foreign cartoons and the latest works by Russian directors are shown in Moscow cinemas and on the festival's online platform of the Big Cartoon Festival.
key events:
October 28 - International Animation Day in KARO11 October;
10 days of the festival in Moscow and online around the world;
Cartoon factory for children and lectures for professionals;
New technologies and events for industry representatives;
Special events - excursions, concerts, exhibitions;
Fest online
During the ten days of the festival on the festival platform, you can watch more than three hundred films from the competition program, premieres of full-length cartoons, special thematic selections of author's animation, a large program for children and parents. Movies are protected by DRM+ technology to ensure content safety.
Possibilities of access to the whole world or the territory of the Russian Federation
Festival in Moscow
The festival takes place at more than 50 venues from the smallest houses of culture to the largest cinema hall in Moscow - KARO 11 October.
viewers in cinemas
25 000
number of impressions on the online platform
800 000
almost all well-known animation studios in Russia and selected international companies take part in our festivals
Up to 30 programs are included in the poster of the festival.
Faces of the festival
Meetings, lectures and master classes with famous Russian directors and artists are held at Moscow venues and online. The authors of legendary projects, TV series, feature films present their new projects. The program is attended by Mikhail Aldashin (creative director of SMF), Konstantin Bronzit (chief director of the studio "Mill"), Denis Chernov (creator of "Smesharikov") and many, many others.
more than 20 educational events offline and online
Cartoon Factory
During the 5 days of the festival, the Cartoon Factory will present more than 10 studios-workshops for children and adults - lego animation, clothing animation, hand-drawn animation, collage animation, plasticine animation, sound workshop...

Factory participants under the guidance of professional directors, artists and a composer will be able to learn how to create cartoons in different techniques, come up with scenarios, draw storyboards and record their own musical improvisations.
special events
The festival includes exhibitions, concerts, student laboratories, premieres of new TV series on "Matinee with cocoa and a Bun", as well as the famous Animation Night in KARO on October 11
Festival participants can touch new technologies of the future animation industry, watch a cartoon session in a VR cinema, become an actor in the Motion Capture pavilion or learn how cartoons are made in modern programs.
An opportunity to get to know cartoon characters better and get new emotions and impressions in the world of virtual reality
Motion Capture
Animation created using motion capture of live actors
Announcements and materials about the festival are published in the largest media. The festival is supported by telegram channels about cinema and culture.